• Assistance Programs

  • Updated December 27, 2020

    We have several assistance programs available for those in the US or Canada whose cats have been diagnosed with diabetes and who are struggling to handle the costs.

    NOTE: Due to our current financial situation we are no longer able to support emergency veterinary assistance.  If you have not yet applied for CareCredit, we encourage you to do so to see if that can help.

    Our Compassionate Assistance Program provides ongoing assistance with insulin, testing supplies, and limited veterinary care to folks who qualify as low-income caregivers. The CAP requires proof of low-income status to be provided upon application and again each year while in the program. Acceptable proof of low income includes IRS 1040 or statement of benefits for TANF, SSI, SSDI, SNAP, or Section 8 Housing.

    Our One-Time Assistance Program provides a glucose testing kit and a few months’ supply of insulin to those who do not qualify as low-income but have been hit by the shock of a new diagnosis and need some time to save up for the long term costs. This does not require proof of income status, just written justification from the caregiver about the need for the supplies. Along with the supplies, advice is given on good care for diabetes while keeping costs down going forward.

    If accepted for assistance, clients are required to be courteous and respectful to Case Managers or other DCIN personnel. DCIN reserves the right to withdraw assistance from clients who are abusive or harassing to Case Managers or other DCIN personnel, all of whom are volunteers.