Our Mission and Activities

The heart of our mission is to keep diabetic cats in their original, loving homes, regardless of the income level of their caregivers. We support diabetic cats in their original, adoptive, shelter, and rescue homes; help to rehome unwanted diabetic cats; and help to educate caregivers on the appropriate treatment of diabetic cats.

DCIN is a Maine nonprofit corporation and recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the US Internal Revenue Service. DCIN’s Employer ID Number (EIN) is 45-4519681.

DCIN has a core value of transparency in its programs and finances. Toward this objective, DCIN participates in the GuideStar Exchange.

Our Activities

DCIN is an all-volunteer, internet-based rescue/assistance group for diabetic cats. DCIN does not have shelters, and it has ceased its foster program. What DCIN has are powerful communication methods; access to a large number of current and former diabetic cat caregivers; and a passionate, devoted volunteer staff.  Many of our contacts have learned how easy it is to treat feline diabetes. Usually, the health problems that arise with these cats are because they are older and develop other diseases.

The primary participants in DCIN’s programs are those who have contacted DCIN through its Facebook page. DCIN is financed primarily by donations from individuals and certain “sales” fundraisers, such as an annual calendar and mismatched socks. DCIN also generates some advertising revenue through its Amazon Associate Programs (see the links in the upper right column of this page). This page lists the diabetic cats that DCIN has helped. 

Financial Assistance for Diabetic Cats

DCIN helps with the insulin and other diabetic supply costs of certain cats, both to help facilitate their rehoming and to help them stay in their original homes. On occasion, DCIN may help with treatment costs when cats have diabetes-related health problems that require veterinary care. The financial program currently accepting applications is the Compassionate Assistance Program, described on this page.

Rehoming Unwanted Diabetic Cats

DCIN helps to rehome diabetic cats throughout the US and Canada. Our method for doing that is to encourage shelters, rescues, and individuals to list their adoptable diabetic cats on our Facebook page using the instructions here.

DCIN will help with transporting cats to their new homes, either via ground (car) or plane (United Pet Safe Cargo program).  We do expect both the sending and receiving parties of a cat traveling by air to make contributions to the YouCaring fundraiser we will use to raise funds for the kitty’s transportation costs.

Shelter/Rescue Program

DCIN has a shelter/rescue program to promote for those groups the diabetic cats they have for adoption. We also offer diabetic supplies and education to those organizations. This page has information about that program.