Feline Diabetes Education

This page is a work in progress! We will be adding more articles soon.

Obtaining supplies less expensively:

Managing feline diabetes: Blood Sugar Testing

EveryCat Health Webinar about Feline Diabetes: Diabetes Mellitus- Why Cats Are Different with Dr. Audrey Cook

Help with managing behavior challenges associated with feline diabetes, a peer-reviewed article written by Board Member T Hamboyan Harrison: When Extra Sweet Turns Sour: Supporting Cats with Behavior Changes Related to Feline Diabetes

For diabetic cats in shelters/rescues: DCIN Recommendations for Diabetic Cats in Shelters

To share with your veterinarian: 2018 AAHA Diabetic Guidelines for Dogs & Cats

In the meantime, we recommend the Feline Diabetes Message Board if your cat has been prescribed Lantus or Levemir insulin, and the Diabetic Cat Help or Diabetic Cat International forums if your cat has been prescribed any other insulin type (including, but not limited to, ProZinc, Vetsulin, B-PZI, or any Novolin/Novalog or Humulin/Humalog insulins).