Guidelines for what DCIN covers for CAP clients

  • Once-yearly vet appointments with bloodwork and urinalysis. Bloodwork is: complete blood count (cbc), chemistry, t4 if cat is over 8. Urinalysis to include culture if bacteria present or urine is dilute. Additional vet appointments require approval by the DCM. Note: Veterinary assistance depends on our budget and is subject to change.
  • Up to 150 Relion-brand blood glucose test strips a month. Exceptions can be made for clients whose cats are unusually unpredictable. We only require clients to test pre-shots and once monthly curves. Clients are welcome to test more frequently if they want to and are able to purchase extra test strips beyond what DCIN supplies. We encourage clients who are able to purchase their own Relion test strips to help free up funds for veterinary expenses.
  • Blood ketone meter for clients with DKA history–or for all clients, if DCIN budget allows.
  • Lantus or Levemir insulin, supplied by DCIN’s Supplies Manager (or other Supplies Coordinators). Prozinc can be reimbursed (up to $150) or ordered with client coordination from the DCM or Supplies Manager (prefer reimbursement if the cost is acceptable and the client can put it on a credit card). DCIN does not support the use of Vetsulin, Novolin, etc. for diabetic cats; we will only reimburse (up to $150) or order for clients whose cats are well-regulated on these insulins.
  • U100 Insulin syringes as a one-time help. Approval by the Board of Directors is necessary for regular supplying of u100 insulin syringes. DCIN can assist the client in finding more reasonably priced options for purchasing u100 insulin syringes. We will assist clients who cannot afford the cost of u40 insulin syringes.
  • DCIN does NOT provide food assistance. Food may only be covered as a short-term help, with Board of Directors approval. Clients who receive this extra support are expected to research other sources for cat food help after DCIN’s help.
  • Euthanasia, plus private cremation and paw print. This does not require prior approval by DCM. Client will always have our support when making this very personal and difficult decision.