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Open Volunteer Positions

Please send the name of the position of interest and answers to application questions to volunteering@dcin.info.


DCIN has a small foster program for cats who have run out of time at shelters. Our budget for this program is limited, and we prefer to support shelters and rescue groups across the country who take in diabetic cats. If you are interested in fostering diabetic cats, feel free to reach out to us by Facebook message or by emailing info@dcin.info. We can recommend local rescues that take in diabetic cats, if we have a prior relationship with a shelter or rescue in your area. If not, we encourage you to ask around to local shelters and rescues and let them know of your interest in fostering diabetic cats for them. Feel free to direct them to our Shelter Program page so that they are aware of the support that DCIN can provide for any diabetic cats in their care. Hopefully, you can encourage them to take in more diabetic cats if there is a willing foster and support from DCIN!