• One-Time Assistance Program

  • Our One-Time Assistance Program provides a glucose testing kit and a few months’ supply of insulin to those who do not qualify as low-income but have been hit by the shock of a new diagnosis and need some time to save up for the long term costs. This does not require proof of income status, just written justification from the caregiver about the need for the supplies. Along with the supplies, advice is given on good care for feline diabetes and keeping costs down going forward.


    • Written justification on why you need one-time assistance with insulin.
    • Be willing to feed a low-carb canned-food-only diet to your diabetic cat (no dry food; prescription food is not necessary – we can provide a list of low cost low-carb canned foods).
    • Be willing to learn how to test blood glucose at home with a provided meter before every insulin shot. We can give you tips on how to do this; it’s easy to learn!
    • Be willing to join and be active on an approved online forum for regular dosing advice. If you are limited in your access to the Internet, we can make exceptions to this rule and work with you on other options.


    Please fill out the application here. If you are unable to fill out the application, please email intake@dcin.info for assistance or to answer questions by email or phone.

    Please note: we are a small, all-volunteer organization. We process applications as soon as possible, but it may take up to 1-2 weeks to receive a response. Our initial contact with you will be by email. If accepted for assistance, clients are required to be courteous and respectful to Case Managers or other DCIN personnel. DCIN reserves the right to withdraw assistance from clients who are abusive or harassing to Case Managers or other DCIN personnel, all of whom are volunteers.