What is a Naffle?

In early 2012, Ennis, DCIN’s beloved Fundraising Spokescat, the King of Grumpy, tried to raffle a custom painting by Judy Abbe of a pet. However, having a raffle violated PayPal’s terms of use and risked DCIN’s PayPal account. In fact, PayPal reclassified DCIN from a charity to a gambling organization and it took Auntie Venita (DCIN’s Founder) some time to get that cleared up.

From now on, DCIN is handling such situations as give-aways. If you cannot afford to donate to DCIN, you still can enter a naffle (“not a raffle”). However, I beg that those entering a give-away make a donation for the DCIN cats. DCIN needs the funds. Thank you very much.