Items Requested for DCIN Winter 2020 Auction

Sample Auction Item –
Glass Cat

Hello, DCIN Friends! The DCIN Team is asking for goods and services to be donated for our 7th online auction.

Auction items should sell at a reasonable price: $8 to $100, including postage. We are looking for services of any kind that might have international appeal and items in good to excellent condition that are not so fragile they might break with mailing through the United States Postal Service. We especially love items with a cat theme or that are for cats (catnip toys, mats, and blankets are always big hits!). You can see the types of items donated and sold in 2018’s auction album. PLEASE NOTE: This year, we will be vetting each item offered to be sure it has a good chance of selling based on previous years’ results. We appreciate all offers, but with such a small team to handle all the work, we need to make sure we spend our time creating item entries for things that are likely to sell.

Donors keep their items until there is a successful auction winner who has paid DCIN directly for their items. A DCIN Auction Team member will then contact the donors to let them know that the items are ready to mail and provide them with the name and mailing address of their item’s winner.

To list items in the auction, the Auction Team needs the following from the donors emailed to

  • A clear, preferably high-resolution photo of the individual goods being donated, displayed in an appealing manner. Multiple photos of the same item are welcome, especially those that show different sides of the same item.
  • A brief but detailed description of the goods or services being donated, including condition and size.
  • The minimum bid amount for the individual goods or services being donated. If you know the regular retail value or the item, please include that.
  • Whether you also will be donating the cost of postage for the goods mailed within your country. (If you aren’t, DCIN will arrange postage reimbursement for you with provision of postage receipt.)
  • If you will not be donating the cost of postage, the approximate mailing costs.
  • Currently, we plan to start the auction on Sunday, February 16, 2020, at noon Eastern and end on Saturday, February 22, 2020, at 3 PM Eastern. We MUST HAVE your photos and information about your auction donations by Sunday, January 26, 2020.

Thanks so much to all who are considering donating items for this auction!

~Amy, DCIN Development Director

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