Mother’s Day Memorial Post for Venita Wood

DCIN Friends: We are honoring our Founder Venita Wood, who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join the innumerable kitties she loved, on this Mother’s Day by launching a fundraiser in her memory. Venita was the extra mom so many extra-sweet kitties needed. She didn’t just run DCIN, she loved each kitty she helped as if he or she were her own. And – when she found she could no longer manage DCIN on her own – she was willing to do something few founders are: She let a new team step up and continue her life-saving work.

We remain grateful for everything Venita did and hope that our Friends will help her legacy continue by giving to our Compassionate Assistance Program (CAP), the flagship program Venita built DCIN around. Through it, we provide caregivers of extra-sweet kitties who are experiencing limited-income situations with the diabetic testing supplies they need, as well as access to the medicine they need with a current prescription. We provide up to $500 in diabetic-related vet care per year. As you might imagine, this is an expensive program to run! It costs us about $1,000 per year to support one CAP client. Every dollar counts!

If you’d like to join us in honoring Venita’s memory and legacy, please click the PayPal Donate button at the bottom of this post.

We’ve brought out DCIN’s initial logo for this one event – Do you remember it?? 😻

Thank you so very much for caring and for helping Venita see how much she is still appreciated as she watches over us all from the Bridge. ~Amy